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K-12 Instruction

East Tennessee Chinese School

Virtual School will start on August 30, 2020
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East Tennessee Chinese School (ETCS) is a weekend school providing children with an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture. Organized by parent volunteers and taught by passionate teachers, ETCS aims to bringing quality Chinese language education to students of all ages. The scope of teaching includes speaking, listening, reading, writing, and literature appreciation. After-school programs include Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese painting, and Chinese dancing. Last year ETCS has nearly 80 students enrolled.

Virtual Class/Location
Due to the impact of COVID-19, all courses will be tough via ZOOM this fall semester. You need to register online here and provide an email address and/or a WeChat ID to receive ZOOM class ID.

Most of the classes use the Jinan University textbooks for their courses, which will be provided by the school. The highest level (level 6) uses Chinese AP book for purpose of preparation of the exam.

Language Classes: Sundays, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Culture Classes: Sundays, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Fees (per semester)
Chinese language class (Children) -- $100
Art [Children] -- $40
Dancing [Children] -- $40
Wushu [Children] -- $40
Stretching, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong [Adults] -- no fee

School will start on August 30, 2020
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2020 Fall Semester
School will start on August 30, 2020

No.    Class Date
1August 30
--September 06 no class - Labor Day
2September 13
3September 20
4September 27
5October 4
6October 11
--October 18 no class - Fall Break
7October 25
8November 01
9November 08
10November 15
11November 22
--November 29 no class - Thanksgiving
12December 06
13December 13

School will start on August 30, 2020
Please register for classes ASAP to allow the School to assign teachers and ZOOM IDs; please click here to REGISTER

Chinese Language Classes
This year (Fall 2020), we will have seven levels:

Level    Comment
BasicFor kids who have little exposure to Chinese language
1Kids will focus on PinYin this semester and some of Chinese Book 1
2Kids will learn Chinese Book 2
3Kids will learn Chinese Book 3
4Kids will learn Chinese Book 4
5Kids will learn Chinese Book 6
6Kids will learn the Chinese AP book

Chinese Culture Classes

Class Name  Teacher Name
ArtLI, Xiaohui
DanceLIU, Xiaojing
Wu Shu (Kung Fu)    SMITH, Michael
Tai Chi / Qi Gong  SMITH, Michael

2020-2021 ETCS Board Members

Principal YE,
Vice Principal JIN, Mingzhou
Vice Principal YIN, Luyi
Vice Principal ZHOU, Wenduo
TreasurerLI, Xiaohui
Art DirectorYIN, Luyi

School will start on August 30, 2020
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Knoxville Chinese Christian Church Chinese School

KCCC CS Founded in the late 1970s, Knoxville Chinese Christan Church Chinese School (KCCC CS) aims to teach the Chinese language (Mandarin), both written and conversational, in an enriched environment. Chinese traditions and culture are taught as part of the curriculum. The regular school curriculum is supplemented by optional extra-curricular activities such as lessons on Chinese folk dance and calligraphy. Special field trips are scheduled to encourage students' participation in scholastic activities organized by the Association of Chinese Schools in Southeastern United States. KCCC CS is a parent-administered, non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit educational entity. KCCC CS is a member of the Association of Chinese Schools in Southeastern United States.

King's Academy

The King's Academy is a Christion boarding and day school in Seymour, Tennessee, just south of Knoxville on Chapman Highway. A Confucius Classroom was established on their campus in 2010. This is a unique partnership that includes School #47 (Zhengzhou, CHINA), Johnson University (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA), and The King’s Academy, operating with the support and guidance of HANBAN in Beijing. A recent relationship has also been established with nearby Seymour Primary School.

Outstanding teachers from Zhengzhou School #47 have made a significant impact in our region by introducing K - 12 students to Chinese language and culture. Through a variety of special programs sponsored by the Confucius Classroom, faculty and students have celebrated Chinese holidays along with adults and children in the Seymour community. While the cultural exchanges resulting from the Confucius Classroom programs have been a tremendous success, the greatest accomplishments may perhaps be the relationships that will last a lifetime.

Families with Children from China

Chinese language classes are offered during the traditional school year by the FCC Families with Children from China. The children's classes take place at the Knoxville Chinese Christian Church every other Sunday, starting in August and ending in May. Children must be at least 3 and able to participate for the hour. The beginner class does a lot of songs and games. Other classes cover reading, writing, and conversation. Classes are held at the Knoxville Chinese Christian Church, 901 Francis Rd Knoxville, TN 37909.

College and Adult Instruction

University of Tennessee

The The Chinese program at the University of Tennessee offers a minor in Chinese. The minor consists of three years of language study and offerings from other departments such as courses in Chinese history, religion, or politics. It is also possible to major in Language and World Business with a concentration in Chinese. The Department recently hired Prof. Yen-Chen Hao and has a number of Chinese language instructors as well.

Other Resources

Confidence Learning Services - Accent Reduction and English Pronunciation Training
For professionals who have already mastered the English language, and want to communicate more confidently with a Standard American Accent. An accent is simply a habit, and it can be changed with the right guidance and practice in a 13-week course from Confidence Learning Services. Accent Reduction can improve communication in business or personal settings, and clients can enjoy the benefits of no longer repeating themselves many times throughout the day or always explaining the origins of their accent. Each course is personalized to the student's needs and pronunciation difficulties, and most students demonstrate a 50% - 80% improvement between the entrance and exit assessments. Courses are provided on a flexible schedule, on-site throughout the community, or worldwide via Skype. Accent Reduction is ideal for adults who have more than five years experience speaking the English language and are very advanced in their English skills. All services are provided by a licensed English instructor with years of experience. For more information about Accent Reduction, contact Laura Brewer, owner, at 865-226-9477,, or visit the website Confidence Learning

Overseas Chinese Education Foundation

Chinese School Association in the United States

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Chinese Online Phone Book

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