ETCS Quick Re-registration

Use this page to quickly re-register a student who was enrolled in the Fall 2018 semester at ETCS and who has no change in class level, student information, or contact information.

If you need to change the class level, student information, or contact information, please visit our full registration page.


* Review the List of Fall 2018 Students in the table below, each with a Student Number. Note: if already re-registered, the student will not appear on this list.

* Go to the "Re-register" section below the list

    * Enter the Student Number for the Student you wish to re-register

    * Choose "Spring 2019" for the Semester

    * Choose appropriate Culture Class from pull-down menu

    * Enter Parent Comment [optional]

    * Enter Security code

    * Click "Submit" at the bottom to complete the re-registration for this Student

Fall 2018 Student List
(students who have not yet re-registered)
Student NUMBER Lastname Firstname Classroom Culture Class
Re-register Student
Student NUMBER
Culture Class
Parent Comment (optional)
Please enter the security code in the field below and click the "Submit" button to complete re-registration for this Student